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Rico. Suave.

Rich and Smooth ;-p

Who: I'm a male living in Michigan. I'm weird. I deal with it well most of the time.

What: Human Being.

Where: Michigan

When: Right here, right now. I've been around since the middle of 1980.

Why: Because my parents thought it was a good idea to have sex when they went to Disneyworld on vacation in 1979. Since I was born in June, I'm guessing that they went to Disneyworld in late August or early September the previous year. I haven't narrowed down a date yet, though, and I'm not going to ask them straight up. That's how babies are made. Next thing you know, mom has a baby, and it turned out to be me! How lucky are they?

I hate: drama queens, lame people, inproper grammer (that's a joke), improper grammar, dirt, animal hair, uncleanliness, smoking, drugs, and carnies.

I like: silly putty, pudding, the fall season, long walks on the beach, the word pants, steak, drag racing, fabricating things, my race car, mechanical things, coldfusion, programming, working out, exercise, my little nephew, cake the cake, cake the band, funny movie lines, popcorn, my friends, and my family.

I will tell you more if you ask me about it.